Tacoma Women’s Golf Association A Brief History…

TWGA can trace its roots back to 1928 when Jane Bradley, a member of the Tacoma Golf and Country Club decided that there should be a Women's Golf Championship.  With the help of local merchants and their donations, she organized the first women’s golf event in Tacoma.  Sixty One ladies participated from Fircrest, Meadow Park, Lake Steilacoom and Tacoma.  The event was so successful that it became an annual event.  In 1931  she organized what we know today as the Tacoma Women's Golf Association.  Jane Bradley is referred to as “the Mother of Tacoma Golf” and the first President of TWGA. 

Tacoma Women’s Golf Association is rich in golf history.  In 1949 Jane Bradley purchased The Sheffield Silver Tray on a trip to Canada.  Every year since that time the golfer who has the best three out of five net scores from the TWGA monthly sweeps receives the Jane Bradley Award and her name is engraved on this distinguished silver tray. Click here to be forwarded to the list of those winners.

At one time TWGA membership embodied all of the Tacoma area golf clubs.  Many prominent Tacoma women were members. The Tacoma News Tribune ran large articles of the club’s activities and pictures of championship winners and officers of the club.  It was high society news in Tacoma.  Here is just one example:

“Mrs. Dewey Busch was on Friday elected President of the Tacoma Women’s Golf Association.  She is a member of the Fircrest Golf Club and a trustee of the women’s division there.  Widely active in civic affairs, she serves on the board of directors of the Tacoma Philharmonic and is treasurer of the Aquinas Mothers’ Club.”  TNT – Nov. 6, 1948.  In 2009 Steve Smith, Busch's great nephew came upon her golf photo albums and shared them with us. Click here to see that collection.

TWGA got so large that in 1968 the private clubs broke away from TWGA membership and established their own club – Puget Sound Women’s Golf Association. 

In 2009 TWGA membership totals 149 members from 15 golf clubs.  Those clubs include: Allenmore, Auburn, Brookdale, Capitol City, Classic, Ft. Steilacoom, Hawks Prairie, High Cedars, Home Course, Linden, Meadow Park, North Shore, Tahoma Valley, Tumwater Valley, and Whispering Firs.  Sweeps competition are held the 1st Monday of every month from April through October with a 2-day Championship held in August.

TWGA has always maintained that we play golf only at our member’s clubs. We have a progressive group of club members who see the need for changes as the golf environment changes. In October 2006 it was voted on and approved by the Board to include 2 non-member clubs on our Tournament Schedule in 2007. This has given TWGA a broader variety of golf courses to play and encouraged new memberships.  This year (2009?) we proudly welcomed The Home Course into our TWGA membership.

August 2016:
maybe the first of many: History of Brookdale Golf Course, a 2 page PDF. pictures of Joan Mahon courtesy of the Shanaman Sports Museum of Tacoma-Pierce County.